Another “Hit” for our Alexander Jansons Fund

Friday 17th October 12 people parted with hard earned cash to support Alexander Jansons Fund for a Clay Pigeon Shoot at West London Shooting School We were put into groups of 3 and all the ladies decided to say together safety in numbers. This definitely proved to be a winning formula as we were all able to offer encouragement and support to our fellow team members. All the mens teams had great scores even though 80%
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Marathon Mania

Great news this week when it was confirmed that out of 19,000 small charities that applied for a place in the Virgin London Marathon only 500 were awarded and yes, you have guessed it, Alexander Jansons Foundation have been awarded a place. How great is that… Now our problem is who is going to run on behalf of the charity ? Last year 36,621 runners were registered. 36,229 runners actually started the race. 392
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Up, Up and Away!

John Hampden Fundraising Day Great coverage of our John Hampden fundraising day was seen in the Buckinghamshire Advertiser this week. Over £100 was raised on the balloon race alone where one balloon travelled an incredible 61 miles and was found on the A10 in Braughing Hertfordshire.  The balloon was purchased by a student at John Hampden School which makes him a fitting winner. Come Fly With Me Andy & Tomas Jans
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The Inaugural Alexander Jansons Foundation Clay Pigeon shoot took place on an extremely hot Friday 18th July 2014. A team of  ‘Hot Shot Lloyds Brokers’ squared up against a team of  ‘High Profile Property People’. In the Brokers corner we had: Robert Dean Marc Robinson Giles Taylor Paul Hyde Richard Kinsey Tim Bartleet   In the Property corner – The Roberts Newby trio consisting of: Simon Roberts David Gre
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For everyone who has been involved with our journey so far – You are great!  Without your help we could never have achieved this and we have only just started! John Hampden Grammar Sschool Legacy Match and Tournament was a great day for the foundation and who cares about the weather.  A little rain would not dampen our spirits as we watched 100 balloons release high into the sky for our balloon race. Lots of te
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The Journey So Far

Since the Foundation started in November 2013 the learning curve has been steep from: a) Setting up the website to z) Organising our 1st fundraiser – a Rave at Revs and all the bits in-between. What I had not accounted for was all the people who independently want to be involved in our Fundraising Journey from the Sussex Girls who did a ½ marathon to the group organising a quiz night in the local pub to the you
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