How your money helps

The plan is to:

  1. Develop ways of diagnosing the condition early on
  2. Identify better who is at high-risk and who is likely to make a rapid recovery
  3. Look at the gene pathways that may predispose people to this condition
  4. Help contribute to better and earlier treatments


Will pay for a dedicated research team and the equipment needed to track cases of myocarditis across London and to biobank samples so that we can better understand the mechanisms causing this condition in order to improve earlier diagnosis and patient outcomes.


Will pay for genetic screening of patients using state of the art next generation gene sequencing platforms to identify if there is a genetic predisposition to developing myocarditis. By doing this we can screen family members to identify their risk before any symptoms occur.


Will pay for advanced physics support and software updates for the latest cutting edge sequences of images on the MRI scanner.


Will pay for a centrifuge and processing of blood and tissue samples for research analysis.


Will pay for a patient education day with expert speakers held at Royal Brompton Hospital to enable patients the opportunity to find out more about myocarditis (causes, diagnosis and treatments available), ask questions and meet others who have been affected.


Will pay for an advanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance scan including the contrast agent to detect scarring and inflammation of the heart.


Will pay for detailed state-of-the-art biomarker analysis of blood samples. For example high-sensitivity troponin analysis in patients with known or suspected myocarditis. This will hopefully improve earlier diagnosis of myocarditis in patients with a simple blood test where MRI imaging is not available.


Will pay for the cost of ECG monitoring to detect electrical disturbances in the heart.


Will pay for the storage of one patient’s research blood samples for two years. This will enable continuous research projects using these blood samples to access the causes and treatment for myocarditis.


Will pay for the blood sample processing costs for each research patient with suspected myocarditis.


Will pay for patient information leaflets to provide information about the condition for those affected and family members.

Myocarditis Patients & Relatives information evening

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14 September 2016 - AJF funded the 1st Patients & Relatives Information Evening

Patients and Relatives Information Evening 14 September 2016

PDF document Funded by the Alexander Jansons Fund


Alexander Jansons Fund

Alexander Jansons Fund

  • I'm honoured to be taking part in the research at the Royal Brompton, thank you so much for funding and organising this. It will make a difference to my life, others like me, and those in the future.
  • This is the most information we’ve had in 3 years.  Very well put together, it means a lot to patients and relatives.